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Richmond Virginia Wood Fencing

Wood fences are a popular pick for many in Richmond Virginia. They give a natural look that blends well with many outdoor settings, from gardens to patios.

In Richmond Virginia, people appreciate the versatility of wood fences. You can stain them or leave them to age naturally. They come in various styles, from picket fences to solid panels, giving you the choice of how much privacy you want. At Guardian Fence, we are proud to offer #1 Western Red Cedar wood fences as our standard option, giving you the highest quality, longest-lasting wood fence available.

Wood fences are sturdy and can be built to fit your space just right. If you're thinking of a durable fence that can also boost the look of your property, our wood fences might be what you're after. They're a tried-and-true choice for both homes and businesses in Richmond Virginia.

Richmond Virginia Wood FencingWhy Our Fences are Better

Guardian Fence is committed to providing wood fences that are a cut above the rest, combining innovation with time-tested craftsmanship. Our top-tier materials and unique features make us the preferred choice for many.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Richmond Virginia

High-quality Western Red Cedar pickets ensure lasting durability and a pristine appearance.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Richmond Virginia

These innovative steel posts offer the durability and strength of steel, ensuring your fence remains upright and secure.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Richmond Virginia

Enhanced durability and resilience are guaranteed with our steel-framed gates.

Wood Fencing Benefits for Richmond Virginia

Our skilled professionals ensure every fence showcases our dedication to quality

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Wood FencingKey Features

At Guardian Fence, we're devoted to delivering unparalleled service standards. Our unwavering dedication to masterful craftsmanship defines us. Every fence we construct stands as a testament to our esteemed reputation and the quality we uphold.

Your wood fence project deserves to be as distinctive as your residence, enhancing its protection and visual appeal. Explore these wood fence attributes to discover the essential elements that can be incorporated into your wood fencing initiative.

Strong Wood Posts
The backbone of any durable wood fence is undeniably its posts, and the quality of those posts is paramount!

We exclusively use PostMaster steel posts for all of our wood fences and they are a gamechanger! PostMaster posts provide unparalleled strength and stability compared to traditional wood posts. The steel posts provide a solid foundation for the wood fence, minimizing the risk of leaning or sagging over time. This ensures that your fence remains straight and upright, even in harsh weather conditions. Everything about your fence relies on the strength of the posts, and we make sure you have the absolute best!

In Richmond Virginia, every component of our wood fences - from the posts to the rails and pickets - is meticulously selected and installed to ensure your fence's durability and long life.

Durable Wood Rails
Did you know that there are different grades and types of wood? Our professional-grade wood rails are what separates us from many of our competitors. Our rails are of a higher grade than other options we see across the Richmond Virginia region. This is an important difference, because the horizontal rails fail frequently on lower-quality wood fences. We see it all the time!

People sitting on the top of the fence, climbing the fence, leaning heavy objects against the fence, or branches falling onto the top of the fence can all easily damage a low-quality wood fence rail! Rot, splitting, warping ... these are all much more likely and much more severe with lower quality wood materials. Our wood fences are built to last and a key reason our wood fences last so long and look like new - is because of the higher quality wood fencing materials we install for our residential and our commercial clients.

All of our wood fence posts, rails, and pickets are expertly chosen and installed, to maximize the life of your wood fence in Richmond Virginia.

High-Quality Wood Pickets
When it comes to the quality and resilience of wood fence pickets, we make no compromises, opting specifically for Western Red Cedar pickets. These pickets are thicker, wider, and denser than the inexpensive wood typically sold at big box stores. The enduring quality is unquestionable, especially given the abuse that wood fences must withstand across Richmond Virginia.

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its beauty, stability, and resistance to decay. It's the reason why our fences last longer and continue to look great. For a truly lasting wood fence that stands up to the elements, high-quality Western Red Cedar pickets are essential.

We carefully choose and expertly install all of our Western Red Cedar wood fence posts, rails, and pickets, to maximize the life of your wood fence in Richmond Virginia. Trust in the unique properties of Western Red Cedar for a fence that not only looks impressive but stands the test of time!

Wood FencingCommon Applications

Our wood fences are built and designed to cover the needs and preferences of homeowners as well as business owners in the Richmond Virginia region.

Residential Wood Fence - Richmond Virginia

WoodResidential Fencing

Residential wood fencing is a popular choice for homeowners looking to add privacy, security, and customizable appeal to their property.

Commercial Wood Fence - Richmond Virginia

WoodCommercial Fencing

Commercial wood fencing is a great option for businesses looking to add security, aesthetic appeal, and natural charm to their property.

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Richmond VirginiaNo-Dig Fences

At Guardian Fence, we're committed to providing you with a modern and more effective approach to setting fence posts with our no-dig method whenever possible. This means that your yard is left in the same condition it was before construction, with no piles of dirt, virtually no mess, and a much stronger fence!

No-Dig Fence Post Option Available in Richmond Virginia

Richmond Virginia No-Dig FenceFaster Installation

Driving posts is the fastest way to install a Richmond Virginia residential or commercial fence. No-dig fences are constructed without digging holes which makes the process much more efficient, saving hours of additional labor. Additionally, cedar fence panels, rails, and pickets can be installed immediately after the posts are installed without waiting for the concrete to set.

Richmond Virginia No-Dig FenceMinimal Mess

Another major advantage of our no-dig approach is that our fence crews can keep your property in the best possible condition and avoid creating large piles of dirt that need to be removed or spread throughout your yard. We save you the hassle of dealing with all the extra soil, allowing you to enjoy a wood fence that looks like it's always been there from day one!

Richmond Virginia No-Dig FenceSuperior Quality & Strength

A fence post needs to be strong to ensure the durability and longevity of your wood fence in Richmond Virginia. The team at Guardian Fence uses PostMaster posts for our wood fences that are engineered to provide the strength of steel without sacrificing the natural beauty of wood. Constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating that withstands high winds and variable weather, PostMaster posts will never rot or warp.

Active Military and First Responders

To the brave men and women who protect and serve us, we salute you! At Guardian Fence, we want to express our appreciation by offering a complimentary upgrade to active military personnel and first responders. It's our way of showing immense gratitude for your service.

Experience a top-notch fence that not only enhances security but elevates the aesthetics of your property. Call us today and let's discuss the details of your new fence!

Yes! We are a leading custom wood fencing contractor across the entire Richmond Virginia area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for building wood fences - ensuring your fence is installed properly, will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of Richmond Virginia.

Pricing on all fencing materials can fluctuate, but generally speaking, the up-front cost of wood fencing is usually lower than some other types of fencing. Keep in mind that wood fencing needs to be maintained by sealing and staining it over time, so its maintenance should be considered in the total cost of your purchase.

In Richmond Virginia, it's advisable to stain wood fences to protect them from the elements and prolong their lifespan. Guardian Fence is here to help with that need. We offer professional staining services using high-quality Wood Defender products, available in their complete range of colors, ensuring your fence not only has added protection but also maintains its aesthetic appeal.

Wood fencing is a popular option for homes and businesses in the Richmond Virginia region. A properly built wood fence is strong enough to stand-up to the harsh weather conditions of Richmond Virginia.

Properly maintained, wood fences last years and look great in Richmond Virginia.

Prices on wood fences depend on the amoung of fencing you need as well as teh exac t style, height, and options you select. We provide wood fence quotes for free! Contact us or give us a call and our team of friendly, experienced staff will be glad to walk you through the process and plan a consultation.


We encourage you to speak with one of our wood fence experts before focusing solely on price! There are cheaper, inferior-quality fence materials available that will only last for a while. We don't use them. There are also very inexperienced and unprofessional fence installers who continually cut corners and don't stand behind their work, regardless of their so-called warranty.

Wood fences must stand up to Richmond Virginia high winds, harsh weather, and physical abuse from animals, kids, gardeners, and neighbors. Shopping for the cheapest fence is generally not the best way to choose the fence you want to protect and beautify your home and the people you care about.

Wood fences, due to their natural material composition, typically do not come with warranties. However, at Guardian Fence, we understand the importance of quality and assurance. That's why we use PostMaster posts which carry an outstanding limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, we stand by our craftsmanship and are proud to offer a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our wood fence installations.

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